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Overlapping Loader for Cold Cuts

 Cold Cuts Overlapping Conveyor Loader

ELCAT Food Technology

Cutting-edge Automation for the Food Industry: our Commitment to Quality and Efficiency

Robot loader for hamburgers

How we make a difference.

Founded in 1996, ELCAT counts over 25 years of activity in automated food packaging solutions.

Being sure that only people determine progress, we pay daily attention to improving our team's capabilities in taking care of our customers.

We feel responsible for satisfying any and all customer's expectations.

  • Involving our clients in each phase of the project.

  • Jointly co-designing the equipment.

  • Defining the ideal layout of the lines.

  • Analyzing, previewing, and avoiding risks.

  • Taking care of the installation and commissioning.

  • Providing remote and on field assistance to our clients any time and anywhere support is needed.

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Why Elcat?

Our critical success factors

ELCAT Engineering
ELCAT Workshop
ELCAT Technical assistance


With over 25 years of experience, ELCAT specializes in developing tailor-made automation solutions crafted around specific needs.

We offer the opportunity to co-design solutions collaboratively with our customers, aiming to:

  • provide our knowledge and experience from the project's inception or quoting stage,

  • identify optimal solutions based on required performance criteria,

  • adapt projects to constraints or limitations within the available space,

  • tailor our solutions to integrate seamlessly with existing line components such as slicers and thermoforming machines.

Workshop and Assembly

Manufacturing, machining and assembling processes, take place in-house at ELCAT.

Vertical integration allows us absolute control over the quality of components and the ultimate performance of the machine.

Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) are conducted to validate the project's designed performance. We extend an invitation for the customer to actively participate in these tests before shipment, either in person or via video conference.

Every component of our machines is selected in accordance with FDA regulations.

The assembly process is given utmost priority to facilitate an easy and thorough sanitization process for users.

Technical Assistance

Although our solutions do not require specialized interventions, we have established a dedicated team of experts to provide support to the customer at any time.

Our team of field technicians is available not only for machine installation and commissioning but also for on-site support and implementations worldwide.

All our equipment can be equipped with EWON systems for remote connectivity, allowing online diagnostics and interventions.

Tailored Preventive Maintenance Plans can be designed upon requests.

ELCAT Food Technology

ELCAT Food Technology

ELCAT Food Technology
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230927-01 - ELCAT Automated Burgers Loader

230927-01 - ELCAT Automated Burgers Loader

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230405 - ELCAT Automated Tray Denester

230405 - ELCAT Automated Tray Denester

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