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Elevate Your Customers' Culinary Experience
with ELCAT's solutions.

Hygiene, Performance, Quality Warranted!

Sliced Cheese and Cold Cuts Loaders

Robot-assisted automatic loading.

Feeding tray sealers, 

thermoforming machines

or to the next process step.

Single or Multi products.


Inspire the senses with your cuisine, and let us complement it with a tailored-made automated system for maximum impact.

Elevate your brand with our commitment to hygiene, aesthetics, and performance.

Meat and Cheese Rolls and Pigs in Blankets

Automated rolling and

wrapping machines.

Panino rolls

Slice on slice

Slice on sticks

Pigs in blankets

Slice on skewer

Slice on sausages and wursts

Cheese Meat Pet Sticks


pick and place systems for


String Cheese Sticks


Meat Sticks

Pet Chew Sticks

Trays Handling

Experience seamless process automation by allowing our machines to handle trays, whether it's unstacking empties and positioning on the line or stacking ready-to-go ones.

Watch Our Automation Solutions in Action!

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