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Automatic Rolls Lines

Our rolling and wrapping machines are precisely engineered to automatically roll various combinations of deli foods. This involves wrapping salami or prosciutto around cheese slices, encasing meat slices around cheese sticks, wrapping bacon around skewers, creating pigs in blankets, and other combinations tailored to specific needs.

The solutions we provide can either be manually fed or receive portions from upstream devices in the production line, such as automatic slicers or stick feeders.

The modularity allows for the gradual implementation of the process, starting with manual feeding and seamlessly transitioning to automatic feeding, without imposing constraints on the initial configuration of the production line.

Panini Rolls Machine
Entry-Level Panini Rolls Machine
Panino Rolls and Pigs in Blankets
Panini Rolls Line

Automatic Rolls Solutions

Our loaders can be equipped with robotic systems capable of rotating food portions before filling trays.


Robots facilitate the processing of diverse cuts, each requiring distinct orientations provided by the same slicer, such as prosciutto and salami, all on a unified production line.

Entry-Level Rolls Machines 

Our entry-level rolling and wrapping machines are capable of automatically performing the same processes as the high-productivity models, albeit at a lower speed. This feature enables a more modest investment, along with a straightforward and rapid installation process. These machines are well-suited for customers who wish to assess the economic advantages of automating manual processes for the first time. Additionally, they are suitable for applications where processing high volumes of products is not a primary requirement.

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