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Customized Loading Solutions

Burgers Tailor-Made Gripper

Addressing specific tray-positioning requirements or the unique demands of the loading process, our engineering team has cultivated expertise over several years through collaborative design efforts with clients, developing tailor-made solutions for a wide range of situations.

Cheese Sticks Tailor-Made Gripper
Delta Robot
Mortadella Tailor-Made Gripper
Cold Cuts Tailor-Made gripper
Salami Tailor-Made gripper

Delta Robot Modules

Our loaders seamlessly incorporate delta robots to achieve precise positioning of food portions from conveyors to trays.

These robots exhibit the ability to rotate portions during transfer, aligning them with the tray orientation.

Tailor made Grippers

Our grippers are meticulously crafted to accommodate the specific shape of each portion.

When necessary, these grippers can efficiently reshape food portions in three directions: length, width, and height.

Cheese Sticks Loader

Cheese Sticks Multi-Portion specific grippers

Delta robots, equipped with customized multi-product suction grippers, enable the highest speed rate in loading food portions.

Burgers Loader

Burgers Multi-Portion Specific Grippers

Loaders can be equipped with anthropomorphic robots and multi-product suction grippers. Grippers are easily interchangeable, allowing for various pattern configurations on the same device.

Burgers patterns are created through specific sorting and aligning modules.

Ossobuco Loader

Ossobuco and Meat Portions Grippers

We can design and develop specific solutions for the automatic handling of food portions on our loaders, accommodating a wide variety of shapes and consistencies.

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