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Centrifuge Sticks Loader

Sticks Aligners
and Loaders

Our centrifuge feeders for sticks are engineered to efficiently gather loose sticks and align them for subsequent processing. They excel at various tasks, including counting, positioning the sticks in trays, placing them into the thermoformer mold, or delivering them to roll preparation machines.

Sticks Loader Centrifuge
Cheese Meat Pet Sticks

Our devices can effortlessly process a wide range of delectable treats, from savory wursts and premium string cheese to succulent meat sticks,  and even special pet treats.

Tailoring our systems to the specific portion characteristics and delivery display preferences, we design customized selection and

automatic pick and place systems.

Your unique needs and preferences serve as the blueprint for our innovative solutions, ensuring a seamless and personalized

experience in every aspect of the process.

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