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Food portion loaders for tray sealers and thermoforming machines

Our loaders ensure precise and hygienic transfer of sliced food portions into thermoformer molds or trays without human contact. Loaders can be automatically fed by slicers or operated manually.

Regardless of how the portions are delivered, specific modules can rotate, overlap, or shave portions for optimal display into trays.

Loaders are designed to process a wide variety of sliced foods, including cheese, tortillas, cold cuts, salami, prosciutto, mortadella, bacon, liver, and full meat portions.

See also our customized loading solutions.

With a modular design, they seamlessly integrate with future enhancements, optimizing efficiency.

Our system engineering prioritizes easy access to the packaging machine, minimizing downtime, and ensuring the complete sanitation of each machine part.

Cold cuts and cheese trays
Overlapping Slices

Overlapping Modules

Conveyor loaders can feature customizable overlapping modules designed for the automatic overlay of sliced shingles.

A programmable set of patented overlappers empowers users to process different types of cold cuts and adjust the number of layers on the same production line with just one click.

Robot Assisted Conveyor

Robot Modules

Our loaders can be equipped with robotic systems capable of rotating food portions before filling trays.

Robots facilitate the processing of diverse cuts, each requiring distinct orientations provided by the same slicer, such as prosciutto and salami, all on a unified production line.

Party-Tray Loader

Party Tray Lines

Party-tray antipasto lines facilitate the assembly of diverse products, encompassing various deli meats, cheeses, or other foods, within a singular tray or thermoformer mold.

Panini Rolls Line
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